Saturday, 14 November 2015

Solar is the future, yet the government appears determined to throw it into the industrial dustbin

Convincing article by Patrick Collinson on the Money pages of the Guardian today:

....Cut the subsidy, by all means. Halve it, even. Set a date for its complete removal. The industry will innovate and survive. But slicing it by 87% in one go is plain absurd.....

 Jo Churchill MP

My local MP, Jo Churchill, is very confused.  How does she equate the continued subsidy of nuclear power with her statement that:
"I believe that Government support should help low-cost, low-carbon technologies to stand on their own two feet, rather than create dependence on public subsidies.  Indeed, the global transformation we need in energy will only happen if low-carbon options become cheaper without subsidy than the alternative.  My personl opinion is we should reduce the number of years as we drive down subsidy reduction." [Letter to me, 13/11/2015]
In this last garbled sentence she appears to be arguing for an even faster reduction in subsidies.  How short-sighted can you get?

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