Sunday, 25 October 2015

This HARD RIGHT Tory Government

Kevin McKenna forcefully putting his views on the Tory hard right Government's response to the plight of the steel workers:

Perhaps if the steelworkers had been farmers they might have expected some government intervention. In 2001, the government spent almost £1bn compensating farmers following the foot and mouth disease and made 37 of them overnight millionaires amid claims from within the National Farmers’ Union itself that the compensation system had been rigged. Nor were some in the farming community brought to book for many of the questionable and risky feeding practices that partly contributed to foot and mouth.
The steelworkers, though, are a different breed: they are expendable and, just like the miners and the shipbuilders, when their time comes, the rest of us are told that they didn’t upskill enough and were hostile to change management. They were working in a dying industry. Yet the last time I looked the world was still using lots of coal, many people were still using ships to sail the seas and steel is still used in the construction of bridges and buildings. And if demand ever wanes then we can get the Americans, supported by us, of course, to start a wee war somewhere.

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