Friday, 28 February 2014

Suffolk cuts children's services

The Conservative-controlled Suffolk County Council continues with its policy of axing local public services at the behest of the Tory ideologues in London whose Thatcherite mantra is “private affluence, public squalor”. This time round even provision for children is under attack. The council has voted to cut £1.5 million in children’s services. This decision is being taken despite the warnings of educational experts that we must take strong action to protect provision for young children. We need politicians to protect early years’ provision, which can have a lifelong, positive impact on young children and their families. Otherwise, we will all pay in the long-term for cuts being made in the short-term. I was pleased to read that nearly half of all councillors voted against this budget proposal including the Lib Dem councillor for where I live. But it is still sad that the majority of councillors are mere ciphers for their short-sighted masters in Whitehall who think no further than their re-election in 2015.

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