Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EADT & Tories deploy "weapons of mass distraction"

TUC demonstration against the Coalition Cuts, Saturday 26 March 2011

Graham White (“Letter sparks a storm of protest”, EADT March 29) is both naïve and misleading.

Naïve because he seems to believe that the Tories care more about people than property.  Misleading because he conflates the violent disorder with people protesting peacefully against the “tax dodgers”.

UK Uncut, who are calling attention to the extensive amount of tax which is evaded, avoided and uncollected, conducted non-violent, creative and humorous demonstrations throughout central London.  The people who damaged property were young, hooded self-indulgent militants bent on mayhem.

The Tories have deployed their “weapons of mass distraction”.  Graham White’s faux pas has allowed the Tories to distract us from the real issue: that there are alternatives to their rampaging and destructive programme of cuts that have the potential to rip the heart out of civic society.

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