Sunday, 5 December 2010

School Sports Partnership cuts

Michael Gove [having a snifter and "being very sniffy" about schools sports!]

Letter to Mr David Ruffley MP for Bury St Edmunds
12 November 2010

Dear Mr Ruffley

I was very concerned to hear about cuts to sport and games in state schools.

Baroness Sue Campbell, the chair of the Youth Sports Trust, said the decision to incorporate the £162m ringfenced for a network of 450 school sport co-ordinators and other specialist programmes into the general education budget would "decimate" the gains made in the past decade.

"This is in direct contradiction of the promises Seb [Coe] made," Campbell said. "The biggest promise we made in Singapore was to bring sport to life for children at home and around the world. We are doing that abroad through the International Inspiration programme while we are decimating it at home a year before the Games. It's incomprehensible."

The cuts that the Coalition government are implementing are short-termism gone mad. There is plenty of money out there - it is an income receipts problem not a "deficit" problem. We should be planning for the future. No wonder the youth of the country have begun to riot.

Cutting youth sports is so negative.

I would be grateful for your views on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Reply from Mr Ruffley:
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