Thursday, 30 December 2010

"A barrage of uncoordinated cuts that hit the poorest hardest"

In an open letter to Cameron, the co-founder of the Community Links charity warns that vital local voluntary organisations will be wiped out.

Robinson, whose charity has been described by Cameron as "one of Britain's most inspiring community organisations", writes: "Forcing an unsustainable pace on a barrage of uncoordinated cuts that hit the poorest hardest is not an act of God. Why let it be your Katrina?"


Best letter of the day:
The coalition's plans to encourage charitable giving (The big society – available at a cash machine near you, 29 December) brings into sharp focus the defining shape of its "big society" – the begging bowl. To deliver on its promise to cut red tape and bureaucracy, as well as empower individuals – perhaps it will now distribute official coalition begging bowls to the 13.5 million people living in low-income households.

Good sturdy begging bowls would be particularly welcomed by disabled people, greatly overrepresented among those in poverty, and thanks to budget cuts, soon to be even more overrepresented. However, other poor people may feel hard done by, as we can display our white sticks, our stumps and/or our wheelchairs as evidence of being that much more deserving.

Bill Albert

Disability Awareness in Action


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